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Why Had High-quality Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe Better Uses Protective Gas Bright Annealing?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-10-18 8:58:39

In general, after the stainless steel tube is treated by a common hot solution treatment furnace (ordinary strip annealing furnace), the scale on the inner and outer surfaces of the tube needs to be pickled, which destroys the inner and outer surface finish of the original cold rolled tube, and the micro unevenness occurs. The sanitary finish pipe surface finish standard is not met. Therefore, a gas-protected bright annealing furnace should be selected. SEKO Machinery's protective gas atmosphere bright annealing furnace can fully meet the process requirements of high quality stainless steel industrial tubes, helping major stainless steel manufacturers to win more orders.

Gas protection bright annealing furnace: There are two parts, bright annealing furnace body and ammonia decomposition complete set.

SEKO Machinery's bright annealing furnace body has a special design: the main structure consists of a circular section muffle can, a heating method using coil induction heating, ammonia decomposition gas as a shielding gas and circulating cooling gas. Compact structure, safe operation, reliable control and convenient maintenance, uniform furnace temperature (temperature up to 1150 ° C, up to 1200 ° C), low source loss, full use of shielding gas, fast cooling speed, ensuring the prevention of chromium carbide Re-precipitation and precipitation, so that all chromium carbide completely dissolved into the austenite matrix, changing the hard and metallographic structure of the original cold-rolled tube, and truly achieve the purpose of solution treatment.
Ammonia decomposition complete set: use pure liquid chlorine to decompose into 70% hydrogen and 30% ammonia gas, fill the furnace body to drive air (oxygen), as much as possible, the air content is as small as possible.

After being treated by the gas-protected bright annealing furnace, the stainless steel tube is in a soft state, and the inner and outer surfaces are less oxide scale, which does not require pickling treatment, and maintains the inner and outer surface finish of the tube after cold rolling. The brightly annealed stainless steel tube, whether it is the surface finish of the tube or the metal structure of the pipe, is better improved.

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