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The New Computer Era Has Arrived? Google Claims to Achieve Quantum Hegemony

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-10-25 10:31:21

Reference News Network reported on October 25, British media said that the start is not smooth, but a new era of computing seems to have arrived. Researchers at Google Inc. claim that their quantum computers solve the problem that even the best traditional computers can take thousands of years to solve. Scientific and technological innovation is the driving force for the development of productive forces. Keeping innovation forever is the key to the development of enterprises. In order to meet the demand of the manufacturers for speed increase of production lines, SEKO Machinery has developed a high-speed precision laser welded pipe production line to help manufacturers improve production processes and win the market.

According to the British "New Scientist" weekly website reported on October 23, this milestone called "quantum hegemony" marks a long-awaited step towards the realization of the enormous potential of quantum computers. Quantum computers can exploit the singularity of quantum physics to speed up certain operations.

Peter Knight, a physicist at Imperial College London, said: "This is an extraordinary achievement. The engineering design here is very remarkable." He said: "This shows that quantum computing is difficult, but not impossible. This is a stepping stone to a great dream."

A paper outlining the results of this research was published in the journal Nature on the morning of the 23rd, and a draft of the paper was inadvertently uploaded to a NASA server a month ago. It verifies that a quantum processor consisting of 54 superconducting qubits can perform random sampling calculations at a much faster rate than any standard computer—essentially verifying that a set of numbers is randomly distributed.

Google's "Sikmo" processor took only 3 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the task, although one of the qubits had to be shut down because of poor operation.

According to the report, this latest edition of the paper seems to have no major changes compared to the previously leaked draft. For example, it believes that the world's most powerful supercomputer, the "vertex" supercomputer of International Business Machines (IBM), takes about 10,000 years to complete this calculation.

IBM has refuted the above statement, insisting that with some clever classic programming, its computer can solve this problem within 2.5 days. In fact, IBM itself owns a quantum computer consisting of 53 qubits, and it tends to a higher "quantum hegemony" threshold, which explains why it believes that Google has not yet reached this milestone.

But Knight believes that this explanation for avoiding misunderstanding should not be too demeaning to the achievements of Google. He said: "There is always a clever way to adjust traditional algorithms, but it is difficult to judge before we have the opportunity to digest the methods proposed by IBM."

Knight also said that when it comes to "quantum hegemony," we will see more such confrontations. He said: "This is what we will see in any scientific attempt. We always challenge things, and this is such an important outcome. Of course we must break all stereotypes."

Sharan Gilligan Lee of the University College London, UK, said that even with IBM's claims, Google's quantum computer is still a big step forward.

He said: "IBM claims that if you run the world's largest computer for two and a half days, and then run several petabytes of memory, then they can also simulate the work done by the quantum chip in 200 seconds. Even if it is put here In the background, this is still a pretty amazing achievement."

According to the report, this does not mean that quantum computers are ready to solve real problems. It will take decades. In fact, it is a proof of concept. Gilligan-Lee said: "But this is the first step on the long road to practical quantum computers."

He is looking forward to the next milestone: to prove that we have enough control over quantum bits to overcome the small errors they have accumulated in the calculation process.

Gilligan-Lee said: "We are now at a stage we call 'noisy medium-sized quantum computing' (NISQ)." He said: "In order to break through this stage, we need to start correcting errors. The good news is that we As you can see from this paper, the structure of Google chips has been optimized for this."

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