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What is the Drain-waste-vent (DWV)?(2)

Source:Lucy Xie Time:2016-7-22 17:34:15

3. Clean-outs

Clean-outs are fittings with removable elements that allow access to drains without requiring removal of plumbing fixtures. They are used for allowing an auger or plumber's snake to clean out a plugged drain. Clean-outs should be placed in accessible locations at regular intervals throughout a drainage system, often including outside the building, because clean-out augers have limited length. The minimum requirement is typically at the end of each branch in piping, just ahead of each water closet, at the base of each vertical stack, and both inside and outside the building in the building main drain/sewer. Clean-outs normally have screw-on caps or screw-in plugs. Clean-outs are also known as rodding eyes from the eye-shaped cover plates often used on external versions.

4. Trap primers

Trap primers regularly inject water into traps so that "water seals" are maintained, as necessary to keep sewer gases out of buildings. The trap primer must be installed in a readily available place for easy access for adjustments, replacement, and repair. Strictly speaking, a trap primer is a specialized valve, and it is usually connected to a clean water supply, in addition to a DWV system. Because of this dual connection, the design usually must be certified to resist accidental backflow of contaminated water. Digitize cutting length adjustment, accurate length measurement, promote shortcomings that travel switch length is not precise and travel switch is damageable.


5. Combo-tee

A combination tee ("combo tee", "combo wye", "tee wye", "long sweep wye", or "combi") is a tee with a gradually curving central connecting joint. A combination tee is a wye plus an additional 1/8 bend (45°) combined into one solid unit (90° total). It is used in drain systems to provide a smooth, gradually curving path to reduce the likelihood of clogs, to ease pushing a plumber's snake through a drain system, and to encourage water flow in the direction of the drain.

6. Baffle tee

Also called a "tee with diverter baffle", these are typically connectors for waste lines before they enter the P trap, and have an added baffle to try to help direct water from one waste pipe to not go up into another at the connection point. Also called "waste tee" or "end outlet tee".

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